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November-December 2017 – SAFETY TRAINING and WORKSHOP


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December 2017 - Geomatics, Natural Hazards and Risk - Paper pubblication

Logo geomaticsA paper describing the procedure for deriving impact assessment maps over a regional test site, using as starting point Sentinel-1 SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) images and a catalogue of elements at risk, has been published by Solari et Al. in Geomatics, Natural Hazards and Risk. The methodology is described and the results over the Canary Island test-site are presented. The procedure and the results have been developed in the framework of SAFETY project.

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Solari, L., Barra, A., Herrera, G., Bianchini, S., Monserrat, O., Bejar, M., Crosetto, M., Sarro, R., Moretti, S. (2017). Fast detection of ground motions on vulnerable elements using Sentinel-1 InSAR data, Geomatics, Natural Hazards and Risk, DOI: 10.1080/19475705.2017.1413013

December 12-13, 2017- Safety Workshop Canarias (Tenerife, Spain)

This workshop has been organized by Roberto Sarro, from the Geohazards InSAR laboratory and modelling group of the IGME. The objective of the workshop was to gather the main actors of the geological risks management in the Canary Islands. The aim was to discuss about the new methods that are being developed for a multidisciplinary approach to the geological risks and to analyze the shortcomings of the past in order to improve the future management actions.

Downloads: Program, Presentations

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November 29-30, 2017 - Safety Final Meeting (Madrid, Spain)

The Safety Final Meeting was held at the Central Geophysical Observatory (Madrid, Spain).

Final meeting

November, 29, 2017 - Safety Workshop (Madrid, Spain)

The aim of the Workshop was to provide an overview of the obtained results, its implementation to the Civil Protection activities and the potential application of the developed tools to other fields. It was held at the Central Geophysical Observatory (Madrid, Spain).

Downloads: Program

Safety Workshop

IMG 20171129 WA0000 IMG 20171129 WA0001 IMG 20171129 114038 IMG 20171129 120459 IMG 20171129 104036

November, 27-28, 2017 - Safety Training (Madrid, Spain)

The aim of the Safety Training was to provide a basic knowledge to the potential final users in order to properly interpret and use the SAFETY products. In this contest, it was mainly directed to the Civil Protection Authority (CPA) technicians of the different EU countries, which deals with Geohazard maps in prevention activities.
Representatives of Civil Protections, Risk Management Departments and Geological Institutes from Austria, Spain, Hungary, Ireland, Romania, Netherlands and Italy, have attended the two days course. During the training, we received positive and constructive feedbacks. Some interesting aspects that would improve the practical usability of the SAFETY products came out from the final discussion.

Downloads: Program, Brochure, Presentations.

Safety Training1b

Safety Training2

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September 2017 - Remote Sensing  - Paper pubblication

remote sensing LOGO

A paper describing the methodology to detect the Active Deformation Areas (ADA), developed in the framework of the Safety Project, has been published by Barra et Al. in Remote Sensing. The methodology is described and the results over the Canary Island test-site are presented.

Download here

Barra, A., Solari, L., Béjar-Pizarro, M., Monserrat, O., Bianchini, S., Herrera, G., ... & Moretti, S. (2017). A Methodology to Detect and Update Active Deformation Areas Based on Sentinel-1 SAR Images. Remote Sensing, 9(10), 1002.


 June 2017 FRINGE 2017 (Helsinki, Finland)

FRINGE home 2v

The project has been presented, by Oriol Monserrat (CTTC), at FRINGE 2017, in Helsinki (Finland). 

Click here for the presentation: The Safety project: Updating geohazard activity maps with Sentinel-1datawith Sentinel-1data

Fringe1 Fringe3Fringe2

June 2017 The 4th World Landslide Forum (Ljubliana, Slovenia)

wlf 2017 logoThe SAFETY project was presented by Anna Barra (CTTC) at the 4th World Landslide Forum, in Ljubljana (Slovenia).


May 2017 – RocExs 2017 (Barcelona, Spain)

rocexsfigureYesterday (23/05/2017) the SAFETY activities related to the Rockfall Susceptibility Modelling of the GC-200 road area, in Gran Canaria (Canary Islands test-site, Spain), were presented by Roberto Sarro (IGME) at the RocExs 2017 workshop, which took place in Barcellona on May 22-24, 2017.

Click here for the abstract: Methodology for assessing rockfall susceptibility within the ambit of civil protection: the Safety project.

RocExs2    RocExs1

Abril 2017 – EGU General Assembly 2017 (Vienna, Austria)

TheLOGOegu SAFETY project was presented by Anna Barra (CTTC) at the EGU General Assembly 2017 conference by means of a presentation about the whole project and a poster regarding the specific topic of the Geohazard Activity Map generation. The EGU General Assembly took place on April 23-28, 2017, in Vienna (Austria).

Click here for the abstract: The Safety project: Sentinel-1 for Civil Protection geohazars management

Click here for the abstract: Sentinel-1 data exploitation for geohazard activity map generation

IMG 20170428 WA0003ok    IMG 20170428 WA0001    poster

January 2017 – First Annual Meeting (Florence, Italy)

The first year annual meeting took place on January 19-20, 2017, in Florence (Italy) at the Earth Sciences Department of the University of Firenze, to discuss the progress of the project. During the meeting all the partners presented the actual state of the project tasks’ activities. The meeting allowed to highlight both technical and methodological issues and to exchange ideas and assess solutions among all the partners. It was also a great opportunity to receive a feedback from the Project Officer over different aspects of the Work Packages.


December 2016 – Presentation of the first Safety results in Canary Islands

In December 2016, a team from IGME, CNIG-IGN and UNIFI, were to Canary Islands in order to present the results of both the rockfall susceptibility studies and Sentinel-1 data processing (deformation activity map). In Gran Canaria the results were presented to the the Servicio de Carreteras del Cabildo de Gran Canaria (the Road Service of Gran Canaria) and to the Company in charge of the Maintenance of the GC-200 road. In Tenerife the results were presented to the Canary Islands Civil Protection, the Cartographic of Canary Islands (Cartográfica de Canarias S.A. (GRAFCAN)), which is the public company of the Consejería de Política Territorial, Sostenibilidad y Seguridad (Ministry of Territorial Policy, Sustainability and Security) of the Canary Islands Government. In this circumstance a rockfall inventory of the GC-200 road (the test-site for the rockfall susceptibility analysis, Gran Canaria) has been implemented.

P1010416    P1010427

March 2016 – Presentation of Safety to the Government and to the Civil Protection of Canary Islands

On March 13-18 (2016) in the Canary Islands, the SAFETY project was presented to the Civil Protection of the Cabildo of Tenerife and to the Consejería de Medio Ambiente y Ordenación Territorial. During their permanence in the Canary Islands, our team (from IGME, CTTC and CNIG-IGN) made also a site inspection of the potential test-sites for the Rockfall susceptibility studies in Tenerife and Gran Canaria Islands: the area of the GC-200 road, located in Gran Canaria, has been chosen as test-site for the rockfall susceptibility analysis.

 marzo  marzo2  marzo 3

February 2016 – Presentation of Safety to the Spanish Government (Madrid, Spain)

The 11th of February, at the National School of Civil Protection (Madrid, Spain) took place the Information Day about the 2016 Annual Activities Program of European Civil Protection. In this framework the SAFETY project has been presented to the Spanish Government.

January 2016 – Kick-off Meeting (Barcelona, Spain)

The Safety kick-off meeting was held at the Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya (CTTC - Telecommunications Technological Center of Catalonia) in Castelldefells (Barcellona, Spain).

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