The main goal of the Safety project is to provide Civil Protection Authorities (CPAs) with the capability of periodically evaluating and assessing the impact of geohazards (earthquakes, volcanic activity, landslides and subsidence) on urban areas. This goal will be achieved through the following specific objectives:

  • Providing a procedure involving new free accessible tools and methods that can produce periodically updated geohazard activity maps and impact assessment maps on infrastructure networks and built-up areas.
  • Creating a sustainable long term infrastructure involving CPAs and Public Organizations (POs) responsible for the monitoring, alert declaration and hazard assessment of the geohazards, ensuring a proper coordination between agents and the updated and periodic delivery of the above mentioned key products.
  • Demonstrating and validating the Safety project concept over two real test sites (Canary Islands, Spain; Volterra, Italy), where both the proposed procedure and the long term infrastructure can be tested and validated.
  • Ensuring European scalability of the Safety project through a sustainable long term infrastructure and with the organisation of specific dissemination and training events through the European civil protection mechanism and related POs (e.g. EuroGeoSurveys). Specifically, the organization of a 2-day training course is expected at the end of the project. 
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